If you are interested in volunteering at Boulder Prep, please contact Lili Adeli at 720-480-3959 or LiliAdeli@BoulderPrep.org.

Sample volunteer opportunities include:

    1. Joining the Board - Boulder Prep has an independent Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for supporting the Headmasters in carrying out the mission of the school and overseeing our financials. The Board meets monthly and individual members participate on sub-committees which may meet once a month. The time committment is approximately 4-6 hours per month and the term is 3 years.

    2. Helping in the office - There are always office projects that need to be done including filing, data entry, mailings, organizing and other tasks. These can be done once or on a regular basis.

    3. Technology Help - We could use one or two people to help maintian our technology. This would involve computer updates, hard-drive cleanup, reformatting computers and installing software.

    4. Building Maintenace - There are always things around the school that need fixing. If you are a handy man or woman and would like to help around the school, we have plenty of things for you to do.

    5. Teaching a class - Since our blocks are 8-weeks long, it is easy for us to schedule volunteers to teach classes. If you have a subject area that you are passionate about and want to teach 16 sessions (2x per week for 8 weeks), please let us know.

    6. Presenting a Story - We love having guest speakers. If you have an interesting story, message or experience that you want to share, we can schedule you for a presentation anywhere between 15 minutes up to an hour.