Accountability Data

Boulder Prep is an alternative education campus and follows an accountability framework approved by the Boulder Valley School District and the Colorado Department of Education. Boulder Prep uses a combination of WRAT IV, ACT and PLAN data to determine student academic achievement. All 9th and 10th graders take the PLAN in the spring while the Juniors take the Colorado ACT. Seniors can take the National ACT in the fall, winter or spring depending on their graduation and post-secondary plans.

Student Academic Achievement

1. % of students achieving their assigned grade by Spring 2016. (37 9th grade students were identified as having less than 100 credits. Students are identified as having achieved assigned grade level based on course completion.)

2. % of students 9th and 10th graders scoring 15 or higher on the ACT OR Pre-ACT (20 eligible, 15 completed in April 2017)

3. % of graduates reaching benchmark on the ACT

Student Academic Growth

1. % of Seniors making 1 point or more gain from ACT to ACT (Number of total eligible is based on students that are seniors with over 100 credits who were attending in Block 4 and had a prior year score on file that did not hit benchmark for each category or students who had two ACT scores. N=37)

2. % of Juniors making 1 point or more gain from ACT to ACT. (Number of total eligible is based on students who were eligible to take the Junior ACT that also had an ACT score on file from the previous year. N=19,)

Post-Secondary Workforce Readiness (based on the ACT Profile Report for 2016-2017)

*Note: Not all seniors graduate, so the Graduate Average is different from the Average reported for all of the Seniors.


Other Data

Credit Completion Data