Each morning a staff member, student, or guest speaker shares a story, song, poem, or current event that addresses an important life skill or lesson. The whole school gathers for this daily tradition before the first class.

Life Skills

Every Friday students spend the day learning valuable life skills. Sample topics include: study skills, social capital, peace leadership, cultural awareness, gender issues, environmental sustainability, and current events.

Service Learning

Our primary Service Learning classes center around our Culinary Program. Students get hands-on experience in our commercial kitchen, learning food safety and prep, followed by preparing and cooking lunch for the entire school. We also practice farm-to-table, keeping gardens on school property and growing our own vegetables for the kitchen's use.

Arts Program

Students have the opportunity to express their creativity through painting, drawing, photography, dance, acting, video, music, and sound-recording.

STEM Program

A wide variety of interesting classes are offered to engage students interested in the STEM subjects. These classes include Robotics, Environmental Science, Behavioral Science, Rube Goldberg, and Programming with Java and our 3D Printer.

ACT Incentive Program

Students participate in an ACT Prep class where they learn basic content and test-taking strategies. They can earn scholarship money for every point they improve on the ACT (American College Test). As Colorado shifts to the SAT, we continue to focus on the ACT for a variety of research-based reasons. For further information on why, please contact us.

College Prep Class

Seniors participate in a college prep class where they research post-secondary options, complete college applications, financial aid forms, and scholarship applications. As part of their graduation requirements, student must complete a personal portfolio which includes a letter of acceptance from a post-secondary institution, a personal essay, and a 5-chapter autobiography.

Concurrent Enrollment Program

Students can take college courses through CU Denver while enrolled at Boulder Preparatory High School as part of the CU Succeed Program. Some students have graduated with 12 college credits, giving them a jump-start on their post-secondary path.

Extended Hours Program

Students can participate in a variety of afterschool opportunities ranging from tutoring, specialized workshops, clubs and fun field trips. During the breaks, we offer 4-day academic intensives for students to stay productive and earn credit toward graduation. These opportunities were specifically designed for transitioning students and for existing students who need additional academic help or pro-social activities in the evenings.

Scholarship Program

The Boulder Prep Board of Trustees and faculty have created a scholarship program. Funds are raised throughout the year and scholarships for various achievements are awarded at graduation.

Personalized Interventions

Staff members are available to help students with academic or personal issues that may arise. As a small school with a student to staff ratio of approximately 10:1, we are able to catch students before they fall through the cracks and provide them with the support they need to be successful.

Family Outreach

Boulder Preparatory High School hosts four community events per year for families and community members to meet staff and learn more about the school. Additionally, parents are invited to evening workshops on various topics throughout the year. Administrators and teachers are available for meeting with parents regularly to create a strong circle of care.