College Planning Calendar - Senior Year



  • Carefully check your transcript for accuracy. You will be having it sent to colleges and want it to be right;
  • Continue researching your college options through;
  • Visit the College Visit portion of and plan which visits you want to attend in September and October. Have your parents excuse your absences from classes;
  • Mark off the dates of the Boulder-area college fairs: October In-State College Night and October Out-of-State College Fair
  • View college applications online and get a clear picture of your application tasks;
  • Review your ACT testing schedule and sign up for fall testing dates as needed;
  • Prepare letter of recommendation folders for your teachers and senior advisor;
  • Present your recommendation folders to your teachers and senior advisor so they have ample time to work on them;
  • Thank your teachers and your senior adivisor for writing a recommendation for you;
  • Be well informed of the deadlines and requirement of your prospective colleges;
  • If you plan to apply under Early Decision*, research what this will mean for you as far as financial aid and other deadlines are concerned;
  • Sign up for a graduation/college planning appointment with your Senior Advisor. This must take place before November 1;
  • Begin working on your Graduation Portfolio.


  • Begin researching scholarships online through or the BPHS webpage;
  • In you are applying Early Decision or Early Action*, have your recommendation folders to your teachers and senior advisor by October 15;
  • Continue gathering applications and finalize your list of prospective colleges;
  • Get moving on your applications!
  • Sign up for the Block II Senior Life Skills class.


  • All recommendation requests must be in to the senior advisors before Thanksgiving holiday;
  • Beware of Early Action / Early Decision deadlines!


  • Parents begin working on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These are online at;
  • Continue research scholarships on;
  • Finish college applications!
  • Attend Financial Aid Night with your parents at BPHS;
  • Make arrangements with Registrar’s Office to have Mid-Year Grade Reports sent to your colleges;
  • Verify that all your application materials have been sent out.


  • Prepare to file all federal financial aid forms-preferential filing date is usually February 15;
  • If you have not taken it already or still need time to work on Senior projects, sign up for the Block III Senior Life Skills class.


  • You are almost there! Continue scholarship search;
  • You and your parents meet with your Senior Advisor to go over your “job list.”


  • Prepare and submit application materials for the Boulder Prep Scholarship;
  • Decision letters will begin to arrive;
  • If you have not taken it already or still need time to work on Senior Projects, sign up for the Block IV Senior Life Skills class.


  • Evaluate your financial aid offers;
  • Prepare to notify your college of choice by the National Decision Date of your decision to attend.
  • Meet with your Senior Advisor to go over your portfolio.


  • Submit your request to have your final transcript sent to the college of your choice;
  • Complete your Graduation Portfolio;
  • Complete the Senior Survey.

* NOTE If you are applying early action or early decision to a college or university, you must speed up the above timetable. Deadlines for Early Decision and Early Action applications are usually November 1 or November 15.