Scholarship and Financial Aid

Begin your scholarship search with the individual colleges or programs you are considering attending after high school. Most scholarships come directly from specific schools. Research these opportunities through the websites of each individual school at the same time you are looking at the admission information.

Remember to pay careful attention to the due dates and be sure to double-check the due date on the scholarship’s website.

Scholarship Search Tips

  1. Start early! Finding scholarships takes time and effort.
  2. Check with your parent’s employer (and yours!) for scholarships offered only to family members of employees. These are often not advertised elsewhere.
  3. Check with any clubs or organizations you and/or your parents/grandparents belong to-once again, they may have member specific opportunities.
  4. Read the fine print for applicant qualifications-for some scholarships you may NOT need to be a member of the offering organization.
  5. Brainstorm about any unique talents or hobbies you may have and do an internet search for information about scholarships in those areas.
  6. Specific career goals (such as teaching, construction, accounting, health care, etc) may also lead to scholarship opportunities.
  7. Remember that the definition of financial need is variable. Some organizations will include money needed for travel to and from school, a computer and other items in their calculations.
  8. The specific college you want to attend is always the best source of information.

Scholarship Application Tips

  1. Be organized! Keep a calendar with deadlines and a checklist of things to do for each scholarship (recommendations, sending test scores, essay, etc.)
  2. Follow directions exactly-for example your essay should conform to the specified number of words!
  3. Meet deadlines! Pay attention to postmark versus received by deadlines.
  4. Keep copies of anything you submit-just in case.

List of Local, Regional, and National Scholarships

Boulder Prep Trustee Scholarship

The Boulder Prep Board of Trustees raises money each year to help graduating seniors transition to college. For more information on eligibility and application information, click BPHS trustee scholarship 2016.

Scholarship Websites

We are interested in helping students who demonstrate a strong aptitude for higher learning, have a drive to improve themselves, and a desire to improve society in general. Winners will be determined by the Reservation Counter Executive team each Spring and Fall semester. Our Fall 2015 Scholarship Award is currently available and open to all students who apply through our online application located here: [huge site] [understanding scholarships][financial aid/scholarship info] [database of over 600,000 awards] [financial aid/scholarship info] [scholarship info tied to Sallie Mae Corp.] [scholarships for nursing and healthcare] [info and scholarships for nursing] [scholarships info] [scholarship for women in STEM] [General Scholarship Site]

Financial Aid Websites (Federal financial aid application and information) (to obtain pin number for FAFSA account) (all 529 Plans) (Colorado 529 Plan)
(Colorado Opportunity Fund – COF)