College Planning Calendar - Junior Year


  • Buckle down if you have not already: Junior-year grades are extremely important, as is rigor of your coursework.
  • Attend college fairs and gather information. The District website has links that allow you to search for schools that meet your criteria.
  • Talk with your parents about college costs. Knowing now how much they can contribute may affect your decision about where to apply.
  • Start gathering information on scholarships. If you hope to qualify for an athletic scholarship, introduce yourself to coaches at the colleges you are considering. (Athletic resume and/or video email)
  • Start (if you have not already) working on your long list of college or other post secondary opportunities.
  • Work on your long list of academic and non-academic opportunities.


  • Attend regional fall College Fairs and visit with college representatives. This process will help you shorten your long list.
  • Attend the College Fair at CU.

November and December:

  • Continue to work on your college list.

January and February:

  • Check with your colleges on their entrance requirements.
  • Check out BPHS ACT test prep courses and resources available on the web (
  • Decide on a solid course load for your senior year. The courses you choose will be listed on the transcript sent to colleges.
  • Decide what type of college you are looking for: 2 or 4 year, public, private, technical. Determine what factors are important to you: location, setting, size, etc.


  • Identify the characteristics of a college that matter to you – size, location, cost, academic rigor, social environment, diversity, for example – and finalize your list of schools to visit.
  • Sign up for the ACT exam for the spring. You will be taking the Junior ACT at Boulder Prep in April, at no charge and no pre-registration is necessary.
  • Start school visits.
  • Plan to be on campus while schools are in session. This process will also help you to shorten your long list.


  • Plan to attend regional college fairs that will be in the area.
  • Be alert to the community college planning activities that are scheduled in the district or at Boulder Prep.
  • Juniors will take the state ACT test at Boulder Prep during April. The NCAA does not accept this as an official test for eligibility so make sure that you have scheduled a test at a national site on a national test date if you are planning on participating in college sports.
  • Take the ACT.
  • Work on shortening your college list.


  • Prepare to take the June ACT test.
  • Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse if you plan on playing college sports. Directions and a packet to help you with this process are available in the main office.

Summer Before Senior Year:

  • Send for applications if you are not applying online and start thinking about your essay topics.
  • Consider who might write your recommendations.
  • Counselors advise entering senior year with three of four schools in mind that are apt to accept you and one or two “possibles.”
  • Compile a resume of activities, honors, leadership positions, and job experience. You will need this information for college applications and scholarship information.
  • Visit as many campuses on your list as you can so that you have a manageable selection of schools to work with in the fall.
  • Take ACT as needed.
  • Finalize college application list.
  • Get your Graduation Portfolio from the main office and begin working on the material needed for the portfolio.
  • Sign up for the Block I Senior Life Skills class.