College Prep Links

College and Scholarship Searches

The following sites will help you with your search for a colleges and scholarships. It is a process and there are many sites that can help you establish a working list. (search site) (search site) (search site) (search site) (search site) (general degree information) (scholarship site) (scholarship site)

College Testing - ACT & SAT (SAT testing information) (preparation for ACT)

College Rankings (student opinions about their campuses)

College Applications

Most college applications can be completed or downloaded on-line. Colorado school applications and other school applications and information are available in the Main Office. (electronic applications processing) (common application used at many selective colleges) (electronic application processing)

NCAA Clearinghouse

This site is where students who want to participate in NCAA college athletics can register. They should do so at the end of their junior year or during their senior year. A packet that will assist you with this process is available in the main office.

College Admission Essay

This site will help you write a college admissions essay that makes you stand out. It can also be used for scholarship applications.