Create a Buzz

If you are a fan of Boulder Prep, please help spread the word. We are always so suprised at how many people still don’t know about us. Even though we have been operating for over 15 years, students looking for an alternative don’t know that we can help. Please tell your friends, family, neighbors, peers and anyone else what great things we do at Boulder Prep.

How to help create a “buzz”:

1. Write a google review. Click Here

2. Talk about Boulder Prep with anyone who will listen

3. Download and share our flyer About Boulder Prep / About Boulder Prep (Spanish)

4. Write to the paper or call the news stations about us

5. Leave a comment on our site

6. E-Mail our website to people you think would be interested in knowing about us

7. Become a fan on facebook


2 responses to “Create a Buzz”

  1. jerrika romero


  2. Sandra

    My niece attends Boulder Prep and she is doing amazingly well there. The staff have been so patient and caring with her. She brings home great grades and I know it’s because of the help and encouragement she gets from staff at the school. I have nothing but praise for this school and the dedicated staff. I appreciate the 110% they give to students everyday. I highly recommend Boulder Prep to all parents of students who don’t “fit” in a traditional school.

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