If you are moved by what we do and want to support the school, please consider making a donation. You can use the donation link on the right or download a Donation Form. Donation checks can be mailed to or dropped off at: Boulder Preparatory High School 5075 Chaparral Court Boulder, CO 80301 Attn: Lili Adeli We are seeking funds for the following programs:

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign – $1,350 will buy 10 square feet of our building. We have raised 70% of the purchase price but still need $250,000. Full ownership will free up enough money to hire additional staff and add programs for the students.

Scholarship Fund

$1000 will fund a scholarship for a student from a low income family to make the transition to college. Boulder Prep prepares students  for college, but often the financial barrier prevents students from enrolling. A   contribution here will help a student realize his or her dream of a better future.

Afterschool Activity Program

$500 will provide fifteen students with safe sober afterschool activities where they can develop positive relationships with peers and teachers. This program has increased student academic performance   and reduced substance abuse. Activities include plays, bowling and nature hikes.

Bus Tickets for Students

$250 will provide students in need with bus tickets each day for a week. Rising gas prices and economic hardships have made it difficult for some of our students to get to school. Boulder Prep provides bus ticket to get home and back to school as long as the student shows a completed daily academic progress report.

Books for a Classroom

$250 will pay for books so that each student will have his/her own copy to highlight and annotate. This is an important part of preparing them for college and helping them get used to taking notes as they read.

Arts Program

$250 will provide materials for one 8 week art class with 15 students. Students have the opportunity to express their creativity through art history, painting, drawing, dance, or video and music production.

Breakfast Program

$200 will provide fruit and breakfast items for 100 students every morning for one week. This ensures that students have adequate nourishment for the day.

Glasses for Students

Glasses for Students – $150 will pay for a complete eye exam and glasses for a student. Each year, 5-10 students struggle in classes because their families do not have insurance or money for glasses.

In-Kind Donations

If you have any of the following items in good working condition and would like to donate them to Boulder Prep, please email or call at 303-545-6186 or  to arrange for drop off. Thank You!

  1. Tools – screwdrivers, power drill, tape measures, pliers, etc.
  2. Computer Speakers
  3. Digital Cameras
  4. 3-hole punchers
  5. Staplers
  6. Tape dispensers
  7. Paint Brushes (for Art class)
  8. Pens/Pencils
  9. Notebook Paper
  10. House Plants
  11. Tennis Rackets and Balls
  12. Baseball/Softball mitts, bats, balls
  13. Flat Screen Computer Monitors
  14. Power Strips
  15. Dry Erase Markers and Erasers
  16. Kitchen Utensils – can openers, spatulas, knives
  17. Measuring Cups and Spoons
  18. Paper Plates
  19. Disposable cups
  20. Disposable Utensils (Forks, Spoons)