Enrollment Process

  1. Interview. All applicants will complete an entry interview with a senior school staff member. The interview process is not selective but an opportunity for the student to learn more about choosing Boulder Prep as their next school. To schedule an appointment, please call 303-545-6186 or send an e-mail to
  2. Enroll. Follow the New Student Enrollment Instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to forward your e-mail confirmation with the OLR# to, so we can have your student assigned to Boulder Prep.
  3. Assess. Student will complete testing to determine which classes he/she will be placed in based on skill level.
  4. Register. Student will register for classes.

More About the Interview

As a charter school, Boulder Prep is a school of choice-students choose to attend Boulder Prep rather than continue to be enrolled in a home high school. The word choice carries a great deal of meaning in our community. During the interview process, we will discuss how the choice to attend Boulder Prep carries both rewards and opportunities to fully-engaged students. We will also discuss the responsibilities and the consequences that follow when a student chooses not to follow through with their commitment to education, community, and themselves. Moreover, when a student chooses Boulder Prep, they are choosing to participate in a community that is always open and welcoming and never comes with financial or social obstacles that might prevent a student from choosing us.

A Note on Students with Discipline Referrals, Suspensions, & Expulsions

Boulder Prep has a waiver that allows us to enroll students who have been suspended or expelled, so students can continue their pursuit of education. We also accept students who are experiencing disciplinary difficulties in their current schools. Our unique charter allows us to be more creative than traditional high schools with research-based strategies aimed at reducing and eliminating problematic behavior by keeping students in school.