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Background: Research shows that afterschool programming can help improved student academic achievement, attendances and school connectedness. Field trips support positive youth development by providing students with fun, healthy and pro-social activities that help extend the learning and connect the school day with the real world. Boulder Prep received a grant to offer afterschool field trips and workshops every week. Any student may participate as a way of creating a positive peer group where students can  engage in healthy activities and extend their learning. The afterschool program will increase students’ protective factors so they can engage in education and overcome any life obstacles. Research shows that students who have increased school bonding do better in school. These activities will help create stronger connections to the school, staff and classmates.

Goal:We are hoping that this program will help increase academic achievement, attendance and our overall school climate.

Field Trip Details: All staff members are encouraged to sponsor at least one field trip per block. The staff member will receive a stipend of $200 per activity. He or she will have a budget of up to $25/per student per activity. This amount can be used for food and/or fees. Each activity must have a minimum of four student participants and last 4-5 hours. The activity should have at least one staff person for every six students. A written activity proposal needs to be submitted to Rachel at least one week in advance for approval (use web link). A written report (use web link) on the activity and student feedback forms must be submitted to Rachel no later than one week after the activity . Stipends will be paid at the end of the block.

Workshop Details:  Staff are encouraged to facilitate a one-time workshop to help students build skills in a specific area either academic, enrichment or a combination of the two. Workshops are typically on site and should last a minimum of 2 hours. The facilitator will receive a $100 stipend for the activity. This stipend is meant to cover planning time and materials. A written proposal using the form above should be submitted to Rachel at least one week prior to the activity. A final report on the outcomes of the workshop must be submitted through survey monkey no later than one week after the activity.

Club Details: A club is a themed activity that meets regularly. The goal of a club, as distinct from a workshop, is to provide the opportunity for ongoing activities or ones that can build on classwork and/or earlier club meetings. To qualify, each club must meet at least 4 times per block. Each session must be at least 2 hours long, and at least 5 students must attend each session. If a club meets the above requirements (4 sessions per block, 2 hours each session, at least 5 students each meeting), the faculty who organizes the club will earn a $100 stipend for each club session. There will also be an additional $100 per block for necessary materials. The stipend will be awarded after a Club Activity Report is submitted through survey monkey. Please discuss club ideas with Rachel at least one week prior to the start date for approval.