Faculty & Staff

Staff Funny 2017

Lili Adeli - Headmaster

Favorite thing about Prep: When graduates come back and tell us about all the great things they are up to.
Home town: Boulder, CO
Education: B.A. Biology; M.B.A. (Business); M.A. Education
Unique things: I love to cook and walked the Great Wall of China.
Email: LiliAdeli@BoulderPrep.org

Andre Adeli - Program Development Specialist

Favorite thing about Prep: Watching students exceed their expectations.
Home town: Boulder
Education: B.A. Economics; J.D. (Law Degree); M.A. Education
Unique things: I am a former lawyer and avid golfer.
Email: AndreAdeli@BoulderPrep.org
or 720-304-0880

Leah Arvanitis - Dean of Students

Favorite thing about Prep: Having the privilege of being a part of the lives of such extraordinary students! I am inspired by the students and wonder if they have taught me more than I have taught them.
Home town: Boulder, Colorado and Bradenton, Florida
Education: B.A. in Sociology, M.A. Education - In Progress
Unique things: I consider the three members of my immediate family to be my best friends!
Email: LeahArvanitis@BoulderPrep.org

Toni Diaz - Business Manager

Favorite thing about Prep: We are like a second home to students and strive to give everyone an opportunity to obtain an education, particularly those who have had all other doors shut on them.
Home town: El Paso, TX
Education: B.S. Business, emphasis in financial management
Unique things: I am an alumni of Boulder Prep and graduated at the age of 16. Exercise and being healthy is an important part of my life.
Email: ToniDiaz@BoulderPrep.org

Kerrin Duffy - Afterschool Coordinator

Favorite thing about Prep: Being involved in unexpected learning and relationship building moments within this building and the bigger Colorado community every day.
Home town: Attleboro, MA
Education: B.A. Studio Arts, Secondary Education Concentration
Unique things: I have exhibited my artwork in several small galleries back in Massachusetts.
Email: kerrinduffy@boulderprep.org

Jeff George - Graduation Coach

Favorite thing about Prep: It is a community that provides a different pathway to success and helps students realize there are always options. When one door closes, another opens.
Home town: Longmont, CO
Education: B.S. Criminal Justice, M.S. Counseling, M.B.A. Business
Unique things: I have 3 kids, I owned a restaurant, and I've only moved twice in my adult life. I believe education is the key to success.
Email: jeffgeorge@boulderprep.org

Kenneth Gillis - Science/Engineering

Favorite thing about Prep: I love how the entire school gathers in the mornings for stories.
Home town: Louisville, CO
Education: University of Colorado, Boulder - Ph.D Civil Engineering
Unique things: I once led a group of teenagers across the country on bicycle.
Email: kennygillis@boulderprep.org

Regina Keeley - Learning Diversity Coordinator

Favorite thing about Prep: I love to see the students enjoying the community and becoming an integral part of Boulder Prep.
Home town: Westminster, CO
Education: B.A. in Recreational Therapy, M.A. Education
Unique things: I toured through France on my bike for a month when I was a teenager.
Email: ReginaKeeley@BoulderPrep.org

Monica Lettieri - World Languages

Favorite thing about Prep: Helping young people make decisions that have a positive impact on their lives.
Home town: Montevideo, Uruguay
Education: B.F.A. Theater and Dance; M.A. Spanish Lit.; Ph.D. Romance Languages and Latin American Lit.
Unique things: I direct, teach, and choreograph Corazon Flamenco, and I am fluent in five languages.
Email: MonicaLettieri@BoulderPrep.org

John McConachy - Math/Science

Favorite thing about Prep: Each day is like living through a year of experiences.
Home town: Dunedin, New Zealand
Education: B.S. Chemistry and M.B.A. (Business)
Unique things: I keep moving northward from New Zealand to Singapore and now Colorado. Sometimes I think in Malay, because it expresses feelings so well.
Email: johnmcconachy@boulderprep.org

Sasha McTee - Language Arts

Favorite thing about Prep: Watching my students find their voice as writers, and hearing how sad they'll be when they've finished a favorite book!
Home town: Parker, CO
Education: B.A. English; M.A. English
Unique things: I'm a total geek and have been to New Zealand twice. There were several LoTR tours.
Email: sashamctee@boulderprep.org

ShAnnon Rheubottom - Fine Arts

Favorite thing about Prep: The expanding programs and interesting classes being offered
Home town: Lafayette, CO
Education: B.A. Fine Arts - specilizing in photography and sculpture
Unique things: I'm a metal smith and woodworker by trade, as well as dabbling in all sorts of medium. I am also an alumni and very happy to be back working for a cause that made me succeed in education.
Email: ShAnnonRheubottom@BoulderPrep.org

Dana Springer - Chef

Favorite thing about Prep:
Home town: Lubbock, Texas
Education: BA & MA in Nursing, Culinary and Butchery Certification
Unique things:
Email: DanaSpringer@boulderprep.org