New Administration for Boulder Prep


The Boulder Prep Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that Pamela Ford, Ph.D and Andre Adeli, J.D. have been selected as co-leaders of the school effective May 28, 2007. The official titles for both Andre and Pam will be “Headmaster.” Bruce Blodgett, Boulder Prep Headmaster of 7 years, will be retiring after 30+ years in education. The Board wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

Andre Adeli is one of the school’s founders and has been intimately involved with the growth and development of the program for eleven years. As a former defense attorney with expertise in criminology and delinquency, he brings a legal perspective that is critical for youth advocacy. Over the years, Andre has advised students, parents, staff, probation officers, case workers and mental health professionals on how to best support students socially and academically. Andre has also implemented many successful programs at Boulder Prep and was recognized for his work by Impact on Education and the Boulder County Community Action Program.

Pam Ford holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and supervision and has taught at both the secondary and collegiate levels. She has also held various administrative roles during her professional career including Vice President of Front Range Community College (Boulder County Campus). At the University of Colorado, Pam worked as the Director of Field Placement for fifteen years and helped place some of her practicum and student teachers at Boulder Prep. Over the last nine months, Pam has worked at Boulder Prep as the college counselor and program consultant. She has participated in day-to-day operations and worked with students as they prepare for graduation and college. Her first hand experience at Boulder Prep will allow her to transition into the “Headmaster” position seamlessly.

Boulder Prep has chosen to adopt a non-traditional co-administrative model for the next developmental phase of the school. The power of this team lies in its diversity of experience and expertise. This leadership team will bring a blending of legal and educational experiences to the unique and special population that Boulder Prep serves. The Board is looking forward to the new developments that will take place at Boulder Prep under the co-leadership model. We are confident that the complimentary skills that Pam and Andre bring will take the school to a higher level of achievement in its mission of transforming youth-at-risk into college bound youth-of promise.

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